Buckingham Palace

On June 2nd we went to Buckingham Palace.

Everyday we wake up before the sun. It’s hard but worth it.

Since the Queen’s Jubilee is this weekend, Buckingham Palace changed their guards, which is a rare occurance.

This means that that there was a parade outside Buckingham’s gates.

USA Today and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation were there.

Jean and I mingled in right next to the Canadian Broadcasting camera man, Martin Cloutier.

After I told him I was there filming a show on relationships the first thing that came out of his mouth was his fresh break up with a reporter.

Then it hit me whether your french, hispanic, or sweedish. Language can be hard to understand, but the one that everyone knows is love.

Even though Martin said he loves her, he also said she deserves someone who can give her weekends. But his job as a camera man can do anything but that since he flies to a different country every weekend.

A positive man with a great heart.

We talked, and talked, and talked.

He shot some of my stand ups and he ended up giving me his business card.

A day worth it.

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