Paris- The City of Love

I can honestly say Paris is the city of love.

You can’t go anywhere without seeing a couple kissing. Love is in the air, even if I have a hard time defining it. I absolutely love watching it transform.

I think a mistake a lot of mistakes people make in relationships is finding theirselves through another person. They tend to find their happiness through their man or woman in the relationship. But what no one tells you is that this will never end well. People will always fail, and so does the happiness tank.

You have to go out and do things that make you happy.

Your relationship should never be your sole focus.

Riding the happiness wave through another person will never fill you. It may seem like it does now, but it will leave as soon as the tide drifts back in.

Caroline Barnett, the Pastors wife of the Dream Center told me some of the best advice I’ve ever recieved.

Caroline said, “You don’t get your satisfaction from man. You get it from God.”

I forget that sometimes.

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