What a night.

Today was the best day of my life. I went to the Pon de Arte Bridge in Paris.

Attached a lock on the fence of the bridge. Every couple in Paris does this, but with the name of their lover to promise each other forever.

Hit it off with the camera man from the Travel Channel who was there filming a segment about the bridge, and decided to film me.

Threw the key to my lock into the river when a french man came up unexpectedly from behind and kissed me while the crew was not filming.

Ate at a nice restaurant. Christian, my waiter told me he loved me. Got lost in Paris.

Had the Duke of Burgundy ditch me. So, I went to the Effiel Tower at night instead. Watched 3 proposals. The third was for me. A complete stranger popped the question. I said yes.

The entire crowd of the Effiel Tower hooted and hollered. In 10 hours I’ll be in Switzerland.

Not sure how days can get even better than these, but they somehow do. I can’t wait for tomorrow because it’s going to be great!

(Right before a French man kissed me on the lips)

(When I got proposed to on the Eiffel Tower)

2 thoughts on “LAST NIGHT IN PARIS

  1. That bridge thing is like the coolest ever! Oh, and can I be a bridesmaid? :p

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