Switzerland – Day 9

Today I went shopping in Switzerland, and sat on a bench that was tucked beneath the Swiss Alps. Alex and I sat on a bench next to a stranger. We all talked, laughed, and were merry.

It rained, so we walked the cobbled streets. Everyone was out. It was beautiful.

But back to the shopping! If I was a guy, I found the “if Katie Owen were a man, she’d shop here store.”

Immediately, I saw the men’s underwear and started jumbling through them.

My brother and I have an on going joke on men’s underwear. I always buy him some when I’m in a distant place. Or Christmas.

If my brother finds out I’m telling you this he’s going to be so embarrassed.

When my brother, Preston was in middle school he opposed all the cool trends. But I loved them. This meant Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle, going to the movies Friday nights, brand names, and boxer briefs. This meant he was still in his whitey tightie phase.

I will spare my brother the embarrassment and say how long this really lasted, but Abercrombie at the time at the coolest boxers.

My mom was really pushing to get him out of the whitey tightie phase and to the big boy underpants. But Preston wasn’t ready for that leap.

His cool sister knew Abercrombie had neon blue with green moose’s.

In fact, I loved them.

I bought them for him probably because I wanted them. I wished I was going through that phase cause the boxer fashion designer was doing great that year!

I mean neon blue boxers with a bright green hue. How could you even have a bad day in them??

Eventually, he gave in to the bright Abercrombie hues, and life hasn’t been the same since.

So anytime I’m out and see a sassy lookin’ pair of boxer briefs I get them for him.

This was one of those days.

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