Italy- Day 12

5 things you should do in Italy.

-Get lost


-Dine with the locals

-Talk to the Italian men


Today, I bought these from Valontina. It’s made out of glass.

Took a water taxi back to Venice to shop.

Got lost in Italy, which is a must.

Found an Italian grocery store.

After I walked to the square I saw two guys sitting at a table. I was feeling sassy and walked in front of their table and took a picture of them.

Here’s the photo.

The guy on the right then pointed and smiled to my necklace and said, “I designed that necklace!” Then gave me the signal to sit down at their table.

The other man, Luca Memo, makes chandeliers out of glass.

He insisted that he had to show me his latest work, which happened to be in a restaurant near by.

This is what he showed me.

It was the necklace I had just bought and was wearing. The necklace that I loved.

And I had just found the creator.

2 thoughts on “Italy- Day 12

  1. Kerrin Chance says:

    This so far, is my favorite post! Makes me want to travel even more than I already do and that is a very hard task to accomplish! 🙂 I NEED TO TRAVEL LIKE I NEED TO BREATH!!!!

  2. Kerrin Chance says:

    Luca Memo is a stud and a very sharp dresser! 😉

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