18-Year Old French Boys Shoot For the Stars

The 18-year old boys in France shoot for the stars. This means shooting for 22-year old girls they see on trains.

They have no shame in walking up and sitting in the seat next you.

No shame at all.

In fact I like to refer to them as risk takers.

We need more of these.

Just as a football player practice defending the 40-yard line, so do the 18-year-old French boy’s with the ladies.

The French practice to win. Not in football stadiums, but in train cable cars.

Not the 20 something men. The 18 year old boy’s.

It happened Tuesday, and Wednesday.

But four different guys.

Wednesday was different.

I was scuba diving on the French Riviera, when one of these 18-year old whippersnappers came to my hostel looking for me.

Keep in mind, these teeny boppers only knew my first name. Not where I was staying.

I would never give that out. I’m not that kind of girl.

It wasn’t until one of the girls in my group told me that the guy who was sitting next to me on the train (for about 10 minutes) until I had to get off, came looking for me at my hostel.

The girl who was talking to him, was a little startled and asked him if he knew me.

He said “no, but he wanted to.”

Even though I never saw this guy again the main point you should get from this trails below.

Risk takers rule the world.

What are you waiting for!

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