Nightmare on Masterson Street

It was my wedding day. A day I was going to walk down the isle to Jake Epperson, a high school boyfriend.
That day I had the jitters. But it wasn’t just any ol’ jitter.
 I had an uneasy feeling. Even though I was in my wedding dress, suffocation and death came from the core.
I peeked out, and saw people who began to gather. I started to run, and didn’t realize that I had bumped into my dad. All I wanted was for someone to tell me no.
But the one thing I admire about my dad is that he never tells you how you should live your life. He lets you grow – in the shade, or in the sun.

  I looked at him with uneasy eyes, and it was as if he already knew what I was thinking when he told me, “Don’t marry a clone.”

People do this every day.
Don’t become a victim.

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