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Marriage partner: choose wisely

Marriage, it’s what 5-year-old girls dream about, gold diggers swindle over, and forty-something-year-old men fear.

Marriage is a long term commitment that most are falling out of. But I think the reason behind this is that people:

                         a) rush in for sex

                         b) never establish the friend zone

                        c) the sex is great

                       d) are in the wrong relationship and fear that they’ll never find anyone else

**Side note– if you’re in a relationship for any of these reasons above, you might want to throw in a — check mate, and get out. After all, you’re a super fox, and super foxes don’t need no baggage.

If you are wondering if you’ll ever find anyone. You will. You will always find someone when you’re not looking… and of course you might be rolling your eyes from how many times your Uncle Larry has told you that, but it’s true!

Love comes in different forms, and the best form is when you’re not expecting it. Just like a surprise Caribbean getaway.

If you don’t see yourself marrying the person you’re dating, then cut yourself a favor, sweet thang, and get out.

The person you marry is equally as important as your job, because he or she determines your futures fate.

For example, if you marry someone who is toxic, and doesn’t communicate very well, the spirit they carry into the house will drag you down, and the marriage as well. This can be draining, and can seem like a chore at times.

But let’s be real, marriages weren’t meant to hinder. They are a gift.


Choose your avenues wisely.

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