It’s Not Hard To Fall In Love In Paris


Reading Italian Is A Game — Good Luck

We’re at the grocery store in Italy. If you don’t know Italian, then you might as well do the tango. It’s a dance, you’ll never forget.

London Hostel

Another reason why I didn’t sleep in London.

Don’t Get A Personal Trainer – Go To Europe for 17 Days Instead

I think I’m going to start running with a 60 pound suitcase, and 15 pound bag on my arm.

After eating every desert throughout Europe I’ve returned fiercely toned.

To do:

Miss connecting trains

Have your cab driver arrive 30 minutes before your flight leaves

Run through the airport of Nice, France

Lose people from your group. You will be forced to carry their luggage with yours.

Don’t get off at the right train stops – this will lead to guys trying to kidnap you – shove them aside

Be late for breakfast

Walk for 11 hours each day

Make sure a mud slide covers the train tracks of Switzerland. You will be forced to carry your luggage in the pouring rain to a bus stop. After you will have to lug your 60 pound bag to the bus seat next to you.

(The heavier you pack the greater your chances of muscle definition- after all the most toned wins!)

Get lost – you will have to run through airports, train stations, boat rides, and bus stops in a struken panic mode.

Oh, and bring ear plugs for the ones that complain about the ridges along the way.

A Smile Is Not Overrated

I took photos of people at a train station in Italy.

This is what I found.

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No one smiles at train stations.

Why not?? I do.