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Keep your pants on: Men are born to hunt

I have no problem going up to men I find (very) attractive. Just like Aaron Carter, Abercrombie models (the real ones), or NFL players. I have no shame.

One of my friends was working at Disneyland as a prince, who quite frankly could have anyone, said he saw this super fox, who was also working, but he let her pass by like ships in the night. Four months later when he saw her working again, she was already taken.

I like to think of it as checking out at a super market, if you see something you like – you find a way to be in their life. Make your presence known. Other wise it will soon be gone.

But you have to remember you’re a super fox. Not a doormat. There’s a  huge difference!

You don’t obsess over, or allow him to control you. After all, you’re a super fox, who has things to do, and a life to live.

This means you can’t throw yourself over like table scraps.

You have to let him chase you. After all, men are hunters.

It was what they were born to do.

When a man has worked hard at something, he appreciates it.

Just like a relationship.


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